If Tony Robbins isn’t my guru, then what is he?

The title of this film caught my eye – and even though it never really fit the film, I watched the whole thing.

Tony Robbins, a self-help author and motivational speaker, has been around for decades.  I remember purchasing, and never reading, “Awaken the Giant Within”.  I suppose the first step to actually awakening the giant is to read the book.  Let’s just say that I have an issue with procrastination.

In any case, I first learned about Tony Robbins through late night infomercials.  He was definitely motivational and persuasive.  In fact I can still remember the words he stated in that commercial:  “Don’t think about snakes”.  He was attempting to say that if we are actively trying to NOT think about something, all we are going to do is think about it.

I think it struck a chord because so often in my own life when I struggled with issues, I would think endlessly about them and remain stuck in an obsessed state. For instance, if I was on a diet, I would spend a lot of time thinking about the things I couldn’t eat.  It made me miserable.  And so Tony was right.

Plus, I really hate snakes.