NSV: I have a lot of health crap going on the past 2 days and I’m noticing that I’m not letting it take me to a negative place. I’m just doing the “do” things, the next right step to help combat the issues, and not being all gloom-and-doom about the bump in the road. Lots of self-care!
NSV #2: The tree was delivered today! Even though I’m having physical stuff that’s keeping me from doing anything for more than a few minutes at a time, I did just that and put the tree together a little at a time – 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, and it is now standing in my living room ready to be decorated. WOO!
NSV #3: My husband has come home from work two days in a row and shared his frustrations about work. This is a total reflection on where I’m at and that I’m not glooming-and-dooming… because when I am he’s as silent as can be. I can finally BE THERE FOR HIM, and this is an incredible achievement for me after a year of extreme depression. I’ve been not only depressed but feeling so guilty for being a burden and not being a partner. Slowly but surely things are changing in my mindset.

(copied from original post in T:NSV group)