I shifted. I swear I don’t know if my post the other day was the catalyst for this or was just happy coincidence. The other day I spoke about how life has been incredibly challenging and that I was still just showing up and doing the stuff I’d sworn to do (new habits) *no matter what*… even if life just continued to be awful, I would come out the other end ahead of where I was… and be more resilient for the next time.

I swear, within 24 hours of posting that there was a shift – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.. and I actually have had some periods in the past couple days that are hard to describe. They weren’t great, but they sure weren’t horrible. There weren’t fireworks. I didn’t run a marathon or win a prize. But I felt “ok”. In fact, I felt “fine”. I haven’t felt ok, good or fine in many many many days (weeks? month? months? I don’t know). I had many minutes strung together where I wasn’t in horrible pain (physically or emotionally).

I took advantage of the shift and did things I haven’t been able to do…

I spent some time with my mom (I left the house & drove to her house & drove home and even filled up the gas tank at one point – for those who don’t know – I have been mostly housebound).

I did a full 60 minutes of yin yoga (of my own design) while listening to an audio book.

I did some laundry, food prep, cleaning.

And I also just sat and enjoyed the reprieve.

I don’t know if it will last and I don’t care… because getting hung up on what might happen doesn’t serve me. But right now it is a miracle, and I’m enjoying it.


(copied here from original post in T:NSV group)