I swear.
Some people just want to fight.
Upon providing factual information in the midst of controversy, I actually had someone say to me today “Even if you are right – blah blah blah – and therefore I stand by what I say”.
  • I wasn’t trying to be “right”.
  • I wasn’t giving the information to cause a fight.
  • I wasn’t doing it to prove a point.
  • I definitely was not trying to bully them or humiliate them.
 I was doing it because incorrect information and miscommunication is the way so many fights start (and continue). Perhaps with the truth laid out in front for everyone to see, the situation will de-escalate and we can reserve our energy for another day.
But nope, they just wanted to be right, and keep on fighting.
Are people really that angry and dissatisfied in the world that they actually can’t stop fighting??  Do they even know what they’re fighting for?


It’s important to stand up for what is right.
But when standing up becomes fighting, it may just be more important to back down, step back and ensure you are really fighting the original battle.
If someone comes at you with truth, and you fight back with “Yes, BUT”
perhaps you should take a moment to listen and re-group instead of giving in to the inertia of the fight.

Is it more important for you to be right?

Fight for what’s right.
But stop right-fighting.

Because if it’s really more important that you are RIGHT, you’ve already lost.