I’ve started so many more blogs than I’ve posted.

I’m determined to change that.

Since giving up psychiatric meds(*), I have come to find out that I have emotions that want to burst onto the page into words. It’s strange, as before I had many thoughts I wanted to share, but somehow couldn’t unravel them from my mind to the page. And with the removal of pharmaceuticals, and the introduction of consistent nutrition & yoga, I find myself bursting with ideas and able to stream them so easily.

And so I start a blog post and get so far and then… I abandon it. And so, in my “WordPress editor” I have many “drafts”. They far outnumber the actual posts that make it.

But I need to write.  Not only that – I have a story to tell.  Maybe many stories to tell.

So today I start.  I am committing to writing – and posting – a blog post a day. No. Matter. What.

That means, no matter how:

  • long and meandering / short and simple
  • imperfect / perfect (ha!)
  • negative / positive
  • political / non-political
  • liberal / conservative (in the non-political sense of the words)
  • polished / unpolished
  • finished / unfinished

it may turn out to be.

I am going to practice the craft of writing.  Daily.  For an audience.  Even if the audience is an audience of one (me).

What have I got to lose?


* please note: In no way am I advocating the dismissal or disuse of psychiatric meds. They have their place and are lifesaving for many – at one time, even for me.