One Minute for MyselfOne Minute for Myself by Spencer Johnson

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This book is the best book on self-care I have ever read. It is very simple in its approach but has a wealth of wisdom. The best way to read this book and truly make it work in your life is to read it very slowly, taking one small piece of it at a time and really implementing it in your life.

For years I felt “self-care” and “loving oneself” were far too trite to really make a difference in my life. I pushed the thought away as though it was too simplistic or too easy. I also didn’t really see the point. Until one day I finally took in the advice “maybe you just need to love yourself” and started on a step-by-step course to really care for myself. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do – to pay attention to what my body, mind, emotions & soul need and then actually deliver that need. It’s been the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I wish I’d started many years ago. This book has many of the lessons I needed to hear, ingest and apply.

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